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I agree with Hk. I am entering Law Enforcement, and many LE officers I speak with are very pro-second. I believe that in a SHTF scenario like you speak about (And I consider confiscating all weapons a SHTF scenario) that many police officers would simply refuse to enforce the laws or resign. I know I would.

But perhaps I am idealistic. I will see how I like LE after I have been in it for awhile.

Kudos, to you, sir, and I hope you are representative of a new generation. I'm afraid I don't share the optimism of "Firearms Academy" about most LEOs these days. I vaguely recall a survey to that effect, and the overwhelming answer was that orders would be followed.

In light of that, Martin Luther, I can't think of anything better than to have a magazine like SWAT being read regularly by LOTS of LEOs. The more the better. (I'm sure Rich agrees! ) What better way to get the message of FREEDOM into the LEO community? They sure aren't getting from the mainstream media. They sure aren't getting if from their unions. They sure aren't getting it from City Hall, in most cases. Everywhere they turn they are being told, "You are not civilians. You are ABOVE civilians. You enforce the LAW. You ARE the law. Obey orders."

Certainly it's not that blatant, but that's still the message they hear most often.

I'm glad SWAT is there giving them a healthy message. And reading a bit here and there about a gun I am wrongly prohibited from owning doesn't make me mad at SWAT.

Better to know what you don't know than to think you know what you don't know.
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