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My favorite is my Glock 19 with nite sites and 15-rnd mags in a Desantis holster, or in my waistband @ 4:00.

I like the Kel-Tec P-32, it's light enough to ride fully loaded in my sock, just above my ankle.

I also like carrying my hammerless Taurus 85 in a coat pocket, or in a suede Bianchi inside-the-pants holster.

Recently, I've been carrying my Ruger P944 with Hogue grips in my waistband @ 1:00. It's bulky as hell, but that's what makes it fun!

I've also carried my 4" S&W model 19 in my waistband, but I stopped after it slipped out through my pant leg! Thank god I was in an empty apartment hallway.

In addition, I've also carried a Beretta 92, which I highly reccomend and a Magnum research Baby Eagle in .40s&w which I almost had to use one time in a resturaunt parking lot. I also came close to using my old Beretta 21 once, at another resturaunt in the same neighborhood. I sold that thing a while back because it jammed too much.

I like to carry one of my tactical folding knives in my back right pocket or on my belt @ 12:05. I also like to have a flashlight with me.

The best thing you can carry with you is a razor-sharp set of wits. Diffusing a situation that doesn't need to become violent is a valueable skill. Take it from me, don't ever get sucked down into someone else's bad trip.

Of course, there are surely some situations where one has no choice but to draw & fire on an assailant, but with anything but bad luck, you'll make it home with the same number of bullets you left your house with.

I'm moving to NYC soon, so I won't be able to have a CWP, or any firearms, for that matter. Instead, I'll probably carry a little folding knife, a mini-maglite and some pepper spray. That should be enough to keep me safe and out of trouble. Wish me luck!!
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