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I wasn't referring to you specifically....sorry.

But what we have here is a thread opened about bad customer service. Courtesy requires that a follow up be done regarding Mr. Lee stepping up, even if you consider it partial. I don't see anyone here demanding that apology on behalf of a company that's been serving the shooting community for a couple of generations.

As to the, "You're a liar" comment, please remember that the author stated he'd had repeated and heated conversations with the Lee Staff. I assumed from Lee's approach that, when it was finally escalated to him, staff had described the customer as trouble. Lee took them at there word. He was wrong. He apologized for his reaction.

Yes, he could come back and apologize in public for every aspect of the exchanges, naming them specifically. But then, stinger might consider a personal apology for not mentioning that Lee has offered to send him the requested parts. Then I could apologize for missing some nuance of the story. You could apologize for assuming I'd misread. We could all have a group hug.....

And still there'd be those who wouldn't be satisfied.
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