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I don't see that as the "point" at all Quart, nor do I think Mr. Lee did....he, as I, was looking at the more global issue of how we respond to customer complaints, not "how, exactly, did I treat this one?". To my eye, you're still judging by the internet forum standard of "You said my Mom dresses me funny, then you called me a liar. You apologized, but I didn't see the specific apology to the 'liar' part."

There was, admittedly, much heated discussion on both sides between employee and customer before owner was called in. Owner jumped the wrong way. Owner apologized. Owner will make changes or not...time will tell.

But it's the apparent need to pillory, that I will agree to disagree on. Mr. Lee probably grew up in a time when strangers called each other "Mr." and it was an insult to both to require resolution in front of a public crowd of more strangers. Let's not send the message that his biggest mistake was being man enough to respond in public at all (as opposed to private email).
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