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But I don't see that he understands mistake #1 here - taking UPS's word over a customers. Calling a customer a liar - or even deciding quietly that he is one - when there's NO documentation that the package was received, is NOT the right thing to do!
I read his 2 posts also. Obviously the guy doesn't live in the anal retentive world of "Lemme go back and read exactly what you accused", that we enjoy. He admitted a real failure of his company. He put the "Buck Stops Here" sign on his desk for the world to see. I just don't think we can judge him by our own "lemme recheck that thread" standard. Nor do I think his company internals, recriminations and adjustments need to be placed on the public slate for vote.

I've no skin in this game....never ordered a Lee product in my life. But I do understand what goes thru the mind of a good business owner when the company and employees screw's called guilt. He can't publicly pillory an employee when he's questioning whether it was him that created the culture. He can, at best, admit publicly what is going on and take full responsibilty. What he does behind the scenes is not our business and can only be judged with time. Open your mind to his world a bit.
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