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Federal HST

The article re Federal’s new HST bullet (page 38 of the August issue) was truly excellent. We continuously seek innovation and improvement in the design of handgun rounds -- the unattainable “magic bullet” -- with traditional top-performers (such as HydraShok and Silvertip) perhaps being gradually supplanted by newer inventions (such as Cor-Bon’s Pow’Rball and now Federal’s HST).

The penetration -- and especially the expansion -- the HST provides (according to the August SWAT) may be the next “step-function breakthrough” in handgun bullet performance. However, I would like to have some additional information:
> First, how does the HSTs’ ballistic performance and penetration/expansion compare to Speer Gold Dots and Cor-Bon Pow’Rballs? These rounds are generally acknowledged to be among the most effective handgun loads, and additional comparative data would be most helpful.
> Second, were the 9x19, .40 S&W (three masses), and .45 ACP +P HSTs used in these tests randomly selected from full-rate production lots? My concern is the comparison of “standard production” defensive ammunition (Remington Golden Sabers and Winchester SXTs were used) with “specially produced and/or selected” developmental HSTs, which might not be fully representative of rate-production performance.
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