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Pat, I honestly don't know why I assumed cop. I think because one of my initial guesses was that it was some sort of less than lethal weapon and the launcher was actually a Co2 tank. Less than lethal launcher = mental leap = cop. I know that isn't always the case of course, so I don't know why I ASSumed. Plus I didn't recognize the camo, so I didn't think military.

After getting my new issue in the mail yesterday, and reading the article I know who it is now. Even checked out the Crye web page this morning. Interesting stuff, and better pictures of the carbine, but no identification as to what it was. The pistol was ID'ed as an Air soft, but if that carbine is an Airsoft, they sure went through a lot of work to come up with a distinct creation, and judging by the EoTech, launcher, tac rails, and back up irons, I'm going to say that that is a real gun, and probably some sort of prototype bottom ejecting bullpup.

So come on guys, don't keep us in suspense. Denny can vouch for me, he knows I'm a wannabe gun inventor. He has seen the plans and a picture of my failed attempt at building a creative new gun. So I'm curious.
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