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I never send a package via UPS without checking off that little box that says "Signature required". I don't want them leaving something on a porch, or hidden behind some garbage pails, or any of the other nonsense that they pull.

Customer Service 101 for anybody who ships UPS:
  1. Understand how UPS delivers. (Porches, garbage pails, etc.)
  2. If there's no signature, benefit of the doubt goes to the customer, NOT UPS!

Oh, and who's fault was it they shipped something to the wrong place?

Even if you ARE lying, stinger (and I'm not saying you ARE), that was pretty stupid for Lee. When you are in business, you eat your own mistakes. Sometimes you even need to eat your customer's mistakes.

Maybe you should direct them to this thread, so they can see how stupid it was to trash their name for something that was their own mistake in the first place.

OR maybe they have a different side to tell. That would be fair.

Better to know what you don't know than to think you know what you don't know.
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