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I also posted this, and maybe it will help clear up some confusion...

There were apparently two packages, one I ordered, and one that was sent by mistake.

UPS does not have a signature of any kind, but it says that a woman received it. My wife picked up the package that I did order off of the porch one evening after work. Nobody signed for it. I have had UPS ring the doorbell and leave the package on the porch without waiting for an answer on many occassions. That is probably what happened here.

When one of the drivers came over to check on the "missing" package, I told him that I never received the package. He tried to get me to sign a form that I received both packages, but I told him I would do no such thing.

The next day, Lee called back saying that they talked to UPS and were told that I DID receive both packages, and were wondering when they could collect payment.

I'm at a loss with both companies for being so moronic. I hate bad customer service, and I hate it worse when somebody is just trying to cover their fanny. I can't imagine trying to run a company and stay in business with the terrible customer service that many companies give today.


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