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Bad Customer Service from Lee Precision...they called me a liar!!!

I posted this over at THR, but wanted to give it a run over here as well...

Why I will NEVER do business with Lee Precision.

This could be a long story, so sit tight until we get to the good part. I'll provide a brief synopsis at the beginning for those of you who hate long threads (like me).

Lee demands that I return some mysterious package that I didn't order/receive. I refuse on the grounds that it is impossible to return what you never received. After several attempts to explain to Lee Precision that I never received this package, I realize they just don't get it, and I forget about it, until I need to order parts for a Lee Loadmaster. The parts never arrive, so I call to check on the situation.
After explaining the situation yet again, John Lee says, "I don't trust you," to me.

I will never buy a Lee product again.

And now for the story:
A couple of months ago, I made an order with Lee Precision. I ordered a set of Carbide Dies for .45acp. I received the package and everything was as it should be, or so I thought. UPS put it on my front porch. My wife put it in the garage, as I wasn't in town at the time.

Here is the tricky part. Lee Precision claims that they sent me another package, with a 375 winchester crimp die, and an Anniversary Package. This was apparently a mistake, and was supposed to go to somebody else.

Alrighty, so some time passes (a few days, possibly a week or two) and I get a phone call from one of Lee Precisions fine customer service representatives .
She informs me that there has been some mistake with a package and that I received a package by mistake. She would like me to return the package.

Well, that's news to me, how could I receive a package that I wasn't aware of. I informed the very rude customer service representative that I had been out of town, and that I would check on the package.

Well, I check the usual spot in the garage, no package. I ask my wife, no package.

So I get back in touch with Lee Precision, and inform the lovely customer service representative of the bad news. They might have sent the package, but I do not have it. Guess what, guys and gals, Mrs. Sweetie informs me that I DO have the package, and that I need to send it back.

Hold on a second here, Hon', I just told you that I don't/never had the package, so how can I send back something that I don't have?

Okay, she says, I'll check with UPS and we'll get this resolved.
Great...problem solved, right? Not so fast.

Another call from Lee Precision stating that, yet again, I DO have the package. Lesson number one...if Lee Precision says it is so, then it certainly must be. They apparently have mystical powers that allow them to know all.

I tell the lady exactly what I told her before. Now I will speak to UPS. Okay, a driver comes over to my house and I tell him what has happened. I call UPS and tell them what happened. I figured that the problem was finally solved. I don't know anything about the package. It may or may not have been delivered to my house, when somebody just sticks something on your porch, who can be sure?

Well, I know that this has been a long story so far, and thanks for staying tuned. This exact encounter with Lee's fine Customer Service Department went on one more time, in almost this exact same manner. I was hung up on by two different Representatives. Everytime I asked to speak to a manager, or someone in charge, they weren't available. They just did not seem to understand that I DO NOT HAVE YOUR PACKAGE!!!

Okay, I go to make a purchase of some additional parts for my Lee Loadmaster (another story, another thread). It is un-operational, and I needed to get it up and running.

So two weeks go by, and I finally call Lee to check on my parts for the Loadmaster. They refuse to send me my package because of the previous situation. They say that I owe them $41.96.

Again, I go over the situation with the same unpleasant Customer Service Representative. Do you want to know where the bad customer service comes from? It comes from the top.

They put Richard on the phone, and I go over the story for the 9 millionth time. I keep explaining to him that I do not have the package, and never did have the package.

He says he is going to check out the situation and call me back. He calls back within the hour. He informs me that after checking out the situation, he just doesn't believe my story.

I am shocked

What's not to believe? I do not have the package, never did order the package, never did receive the package, etc., etc., etc. I have never had a company tell me that they didn't believe me before, so yeah, I'm shocked here.

I asked him how he could run a business if he did not trust his customers. He said that he did trust his customers.
I said, "You don't trust me?!?"
This is a direct quote from John Lee, "I don't trust you."

Obviously, I will never deal with Lee Precision again. I'm not even mad...I'm more shocked than anything. I can't believe that a company can be so dense. How many times can you explain to them that you don't have something? How many times can you be treated like crap on the telephone for something you never did? How does the owner of a company tell you, "I don't trust you," when you never did anything to begin with.

What do you guys think?

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