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I shot my first Highpower match in months last saturday. Humbling is the word I'm looking for.
What did I learn:
1) Just because your first 8 offhand shots are 10's and 9's , doesn't mean you aren't going to get fatigued, miss, then spend the last 11 shots getting 6's,7's,and 8's.
2) If your ankle is injured, verify that you can adopt your sitting position before the match, rather than scrambling to adopt a different less familiar position. (oh and after your only sighter due to time contraints, a 4 o'clock 8, make sight corrections, or else you will shoot a great group...centered around 4 o' clock in the 8 ring.
3) In slow prone, even if you totally blew the first 3 stages, if you pull it together, and only shoot when your sight picture is perfect, you can shoot your highest score ever (98-2x's) Woo Hoo.

Don't use Miwall reloads when it counts. Or else Mr. Fat Round will get stuck in your chamber

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