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Coming Soon To A Newsstand Near You...

I often get e-mails asking what’s coming up in future issue of S.W.A.T., so I’d thought I’d give TFL members an idea of what to expect.

First, though I never heard about it, someone must have passed a law that mandated everyone and their brother make a 1911 in 2004. We’ll be covering several of them. For starters they include two production pieces (Kimber’s TLE/RL and the Para-Ordnance single-stack with power extractor). Custom 1911s include a couple of John Jardine Valtros and two made by Hilton Yam—one based on a Chip McMormick frame and slide and the other based on a Kimber. Each of these pistols were shot extensively in Gunsite and Trident Concepts pistol courses, with the lowest round count through a single pistol approaching 1,300 rounds and the highest round count over 3,000. Trust me, these are not run-of-the-mill, “I shot it and it went bang” puff pieces.

We have a lot of articles on training courses and tactics coming up. There will be some sacred cows killed in the process, but you deserve to know what tactics are outdated and may get you killed.

AR-15 variants chambered for .30 Carbine, 9mm and .308 Winchester will be covered. Pat Rogers has written an in-depth article on the LMT Monolithic Rail Platform carbine.

If one-holing is your thing, look for the article on precision rifles from Savage, H-S Precision, and others. The H-S rifle, by the way, was recently adopted by the FBI for counter-sniper use. And yes, the exact same rifle the FBI adopted is available to all law-abiding gun owners.
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