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I haven't subscribed yet, but am planning to do so. After all my grief that I've given to Rich and SWAT (this started before TFL went down), and after Denny's "I dare you" with a money back promise, I will have to admit that it's a very professional, and interesting, magazine.

After a couple of hospital bills are paid off, I will only be getting three mags, SWAT, Women and Guns, and Combat Handguns. Of the three, SWAT and Women and Guns are my favorites, CH just for some of the exclusive articles.

Until I subscribe, I will be making runs to Winco to pick up the latest issue of SWAT.

My hats off to you folks, you've done a great job... so far, don't let your standards slide, or I'll do the same as I've done with many other mags, forget that you even put one out.

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