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This town has the cheapest people in the state, and we still fill up every year. Maybe you could inch your prices up a little next year.
You're lucky.

I'd rather have cheap people around than the Godless communist Democrats that my little island is stacked to the rafters with. So it goes.

Our ticket prices are irrelevant anyway. Our sportsmen's club gives us the space to hold the event gratis. The food (especially the moose) is donated. We have essentially zero overhead.

On the other hand, if you let them in cheap, maybe they will spend more.
We let people in cheap because we live in a community with a tiny - though dedicated - corp of RKBA folks that are 9/10ths blue-collar. That, and we live on an island where it costs people coming over from the mainland $20 for a (2 way) ferry ticket.

We do what we can, and hope it's enough.
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