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Bill, this is a good chance for you to start a dinner in your area! Just get a hold of the area field rep and tell him you need a dinner in your community and you want to be on the starting committee. Heck, I was only 26 and the youngest guy in our committee and they made me chairman. We had a fine dinner for the first time. I hope it goes even better this year. Give it a shot. Just because you are on the committee doesn't mean you can't participate just like everyone else. I did give back our early bird 10/22 since that was the first drawing of the evening and my name came out of the bucket!!! I didn't want to start out the evening that way and I already have two of them, so I tore up my ticket and drew another. Now had that been a Kimber, I don't know if I would have been so generous. Wait, I know I wouldn't have been that generous.

Fred, we are going to try a new idea this year with our sponsor drawing. Last year we just had one auction for a Kimber Pro Carry II for the 16 sponsors. A very nice gift. This year we couldn't decide to go with a shotgun, a rifle, or a handgun for the sponsor drawing, so we are going to go with all three! Yes, the sponsor will get their choice of the Wheatherby SAS Field 12 gauge, A Kimber Pro Carry II, and a Ruger M77 .300 WSM. They get their choice of one. Then the two guns left over will go to our blue table for the nice guns you can win for buying ticket packages. I think having your choice of three different guns might be rather enticing for the sponsor program. I think I will have to save up my money and do a sponsorship again this year. I wanted the Kimber bad last year and my cousin won it! grrrrrr.

I don't know though, our gun budget this year is looking a whole lot larger than last year. Maybe we are getting carried away.
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