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Thanks for chairing your local event. I know how much work that can be.
And thank you for helping with your local event!

The money we raise does a whole lot of positive things. For instance, the community that I live in (just as an example) is blissninny heaven, and before our efforts new shooters both young and old came in dribs and drabs. Those who did come to us for instruction - before FONRA money was available - had to hope that the instructor's gear would fit them. Not always a winning proposition.

Now that we have FONRA money coming in we are able to take money that our club bugeted for training, and put it toward outreach and publicity. We now train several dozen - old & young, big & small - new or novice shooters a year! Now our training equipment fits all of them. And when the shooter is comfortable, the shooter does well, and when the shooter does well the shooter has fun. Shooters who have fun and enjoy themselves shoot for life. Ergo the blissninny quotient around here goes down, and that does wonders for my blood pressure!

We have a youth rifle team again as we did in the 50s. Our Boy Scout troops are once again achieving their Rifle and Shotgun merit badges. And the scope and depth of our hunter education classes have never been better.

I've only been a Hunter Ed. instructor for 6 years, and an NRA instructor for 5 years, but I can honestly say that FONRA grants have revolutionized our ability to be effective in our local community. I'm very obliged to everyone who supports this program, and very proud to be associated with it. Thank you.
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