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I helped with the Pueblo CO Friends event this year. I've attended for several years but this was my first on the "Committee". We put the Remington on the live auction, where it did respectable. One of our big items was the S&W .500. We used it for the "cup drawing" where we sold 96 NRA coffee cups with a ticket in each one for $20 each. We ended up with three of the NRA Ruger MK IIs and they all did well in different places. We ended up having 27 guns featured this year.

Our different fund raisers are:

1. Live auction
2. Silent auction
3. Cup drawing
4. Stretch drawing ($20 for as many tickets as you can stretch your arms out) The prize for this one was a Oly Arms AR-15, always a money-maker.
5. Rose drawing (48 roses with tickets attached, $20 each) Prize: a S&W Ladysmith, these sell out fast - My daughter won this one
6. Bucket items: Buy $20-$100 in tickets from leggy 18 year old, drop tickets in buckets for various prizes.
7. Sponsor draw: some nice prizes drawn for only the table sponsors.
8. Card draws: Half of a playing card for $20. Prizes: Henry Big Boy and Springfield Mil-Spec 1911.

We raised over $21,000 this year, up 20% over last year, with a little over 400 in attendance.

Thanks for chairing your local event. I know how much work that can be.
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