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Hi El Rojo,

Yeah, the .22 as rifle of the year is a tough one, but I guess they are trying to go for a little sentimentality this time around. Apparently this Remington Model 572 BDL Deluxe Fieldmaster is kind of a legendary rifle among Remington owners (I'm a Winchester/Browning guy myself*) and lots and lots of folks had them as their first .22 rifle. Remington hasn't made this model in something like 30 years, and so FONRA made a deal with Rem to make 1,000 of them for our events. The thinking is that people with fond memories of them have enough resources to spend a lot of cash on what is essentially a collector's grade memory of youth.

All I can say is:

A) Thank you very much for chairing your local committee. I've done it 2 years in a row now. I know how frustrating it can be.

B) Do a Google search for things like Remington Collectors Society etc. and find niche forums that are likely to have folks in your area that would be interested in the rifle and post an invitation like this thread.

C) Talk the gun up with all of the local gunsmithing community. They will be very likely to know who the local Remington nuts are. Leave brochures and posters in their store - with their permission of course.

D) Put it in the live auction knowing that you have done your best.

Got to go to work. Talk with you some more soon. I want to get some K31 load data out of you. I got some dies this weekend at the gunshow!

* Not meant as a swipe against Remington people. Just an acknowledgement of my own relative ignorance about Remington products. My old TFL handle (before Mal changed it at my request) Was jmbg29. The jmb was in honor of John Moses Browning patron saint of gunnies everywhere.
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