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I've always believed that ALL women should study martial arts. I've studied Wing Chun and Arnis myself. It's not easy to find good Chinese styles in Boston -- everything is Tae Kwon Do McDonald heaven. Everywhere you look it's Korean Karate. I'm looking to change to Jeet Kune Do at some point. The bottom line, one should never rely on the gun and only the gun to get them out of trouble. Things have a way of turning bad quickly and it's important to train yourself with firearms and your hands and feet. The shame about women and training is they take one of these crash courses and think, "that's it." Well, it's not. It'd hard work, dedication and years of practice. You don't go to the range once and think you've got it down pat. You go, shoot, and keep going back to get better each time. The same applies to martial arts -- train, train, train so if and when the worst happens, you'll body will take over where your mind leaves off and do it's job.
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