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TAPCO came though with it's promise, about 30 minutes ago UPS delivered an overnight package with some of the Christmas gifts I had planned to give this year. For anybody that may be interested, these "Famous Firearms Mugs" are big and beautiful. The first thing I had to do was take the AK-47 mug I had ordered for myself and fill it with coffee and sit down and write this. I have learned something new already, one of the AK's pictured on the Mug is a South African R4, It looks much like an Israeli Galil. The R4 looks like something I would like to add to my gun closet, then I look at TAPCO's Assault Weapon Mug, I would like to build a new gun closet and place one of every gun pictured into my new closet.
Thank you TAPCO
Good Hunting To Ya !!
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