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It's all true. The reason is, things like Karate, Judo, Kung Fu, is a system of ARTS. Muay Thai is a system of DESTRUCTION.

You go watch a TKD match, and what do you see? People trying to score points. You go to a Muay Thai match, and what do you see? People trying to destroy each other. Different sport, different mind set.

Also, the Muay Thai system has one thing no other system has; the Thai kick. All other systems kick with the pallet arc of the foot, the Muay Thai kick does not have a snap kick, but instead, has a "football punter's kick" using the shin as a baseball bat, and a full hip rotation. That's the most powerful kick there is, and the most power your body is able to generate; kicked in the thigh, your leg will go numb. It is utterly devistating.

KSFreeman, I went to the studio and checked it out. The coach has trained over 2 dozen people who've gone on to win the San Da competitions in china for their weight. The other co-instructor, is the head of SWAT in Taiwan and also the overseas trainer for the Texas SWAT. (I'm trying to get him to take me for a sneek peek at the Taiwan SWAT so I can do an article for maybe SWAT magazine). So as far as discipline , trust me when I say, they expect and demand the utmost in dicipline.

Do any of you watch UFC or Pride? That's seriously brutal stuff.. But it's safer then boxing. Boxing's the most dangerous sport.
"An unarmed society is one that's ripe for tyranny and oppression."
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