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Sorry to hear about your troubles. I would like to share a similar story if I may.
A couple years ago, I drew an elk tag and decided to take my .444 Marlin. I have a pet load that uses a Speer 300 grain JSP bullet. I had what I thought was plenty of ammo loaded and went out a week or two before the hunt to check my zero. For some reason the rifle wouldn't hold a group. After further investigation I realized that the rather substantial recoil had damaged my rear peep sight. I replaced the rear sight with the factory sights and zeroed that. At that point I only had a few rounds of ammo left for the hunt. No problem, I still have a couple weeks, so I dialed up Midway USA and ordered 100 bullets. About a week later the package arrived and to my horror, instead of 100 .44 caliber bullets, I received 100 .45 bullets. Now with about a week left until I had to leave for the hunt I called Midway and ordered more bullets. I explained the situation to the person on the phone and told them that I would keep the other bullets, I can always use them, but please make sure that I get the .44 bullets ASAP. The lady on the phone knew I was in trouble and applogized but said nothing else. I was really worried. The next day I received one box of 50 bullets sent over night mail on Midway's dime. Several days later I recevied my full order UPS. The bullets were sent overnight at Midway's expense and were not subtacted from my order. No bill was forthcoming, they had sent me a free box of bullets. That is what I call great customer service. They saved my hunt. A couple years later there was a Midway bashing thread on this board because Midway began charging for actual shipping costs. I posted in defense of Midway and told the above story. Appearently Larry Potterfield cares enough about his customers that he read the thread and sent me a personal E-Mail thanking me for coming to their defense.

Of course I ended up firing two rounds on the hunt and the second shot was probably unnessessary, I just hate to see an animal struggle. But, you want to go prepared.
You know the rest. In the books you have read
How the British Regulars fired and fled,
How the farmers gave them ball for ball,
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