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Like they say, Feces Happens. Always always have a plan B for important stuff. The shipping ball gets dropped real regularly, almost predictible. Everyone knows that.(?) You been planning this for 8 or 9 months and didn't place the order until Dec 3rd? Better point that finger at yourself! LOL.

Your friends'll understand. Hey look at the bright side...

(I thought you were going to tell us that your Christmas bonus was a pink slip. That's a slap in the face.
At least you didn't get axed like I did. Scrooge nailed me and two other guys with the pink slip on Dec 10th so he wouldn't have to give us a bonus. Aw well, I didn't hire on for bonuses. Just wages. They can take me money, but cant take me spirit. Unemployment is rising in Colorado. Hope it don't last.

I start another job tomorrow praise the Lord. but being out of work for two weeks sure put a damper on Christmas. But I digress, I return you to your regularly scheduled topic...

Maybe they'll throw in a free mag or something for screwing up your order. And next year, order sooner.
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