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The Christmas slap has been turned into a gentle massage. When I got off the telephone with them on the morning of Dec. 23rd. The customer service
person (male) had not apologized or acted in any way that he cared about my disappointment, he did not even acknowledged that his company had not handled the order properly.
I am self employed and I have a photography company, I felt if a customer was unhappy with something as the owner of the company I would want to know about it. So I sent an e-mail to customer service and I copy/pasted that e-mail as a post here on TFL.
I immediately received a return e-mail from TAPCO and a nice lady by the name of Tara contacted me also by telephone and offered to correct the error that had been made with my order. Shortly after Miss Tara contacted me I was also contacted by a Mr. Barrit who also offered to make the order right. (I have included a copy of Miss. Tara's e-mail below)
As long as we deal with human beings, things will go wrong and some employee at some point will drop the ball. But as long as companies like TAPCO have employee's like Miss. Tara and Mr. Barrit working to correct those errors, then those companies will continue to keep people like me as customers and spreading the good word about TAPCO'S good customer service and what more can a customer expect Thank You TAPCO and this time MERRY CHRISTMAS.
Merle White

Mr. White,

Thank you for your recent order. I apologize for the error. I would like the opportunity to make this right. Please contact me before 5:30 EST if possible to discuss shipping a replacement. Again, I apologize & I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Happy Holidays!
Tara McElroy
Customer Service
Good Hunting To Ya !!
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