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A Christmas slap in the face.....


On or about Dec. 3rd I placed an order for six of the "famous firearms Mugs." with TAPCO and paid for them in advance of delivery with a credit card. I was anticipating using them as Christmas gifts. As I was concluding the placing of my order with the sales representative he asked me "Is there anything else we can get for you?" I stated there was one small item he could add to my order, and that was a small leather strip which has a button hole in it and a botton which would allow me to attach a sling to my
MAK-90. At this point the sales representative stated "I know we have them but I can't find them in our inventory or I can't find an order number for it. At this point I told him if he found it after we hung up the telephone he could include it in my Christmas order and bill my credit card.
I was trying to be patient, normal delivery from Atlanta to Portland, Oregon is 6 days but I figured I needed to be patient with them, as this is the Christmas season. Today Dec. 23rd I called TAPCO to inquire about my order. I was informed that they had just shipped the order and that I would receive delivery on Dec. 30th. I was told by the customer service rep.
that they did not have that leather strip in stock and they had held my Christmas order and had back ordered the leather strip and the back order never came in and that not notifying customers that their may be a problem with their orders was TAPCO's standard procedure.
So now TAPCO has my Christmas money in their bank and I had to call them to find out I do not have Christmas gifts to give to some of my friends.
Well Buddy and the other employees of TAPCO I certainly hope that the employees of the companies that you ordered Christmas gifts from for your friends from don't treat you, like you treated me!! Merry Christmas TAPCO.

Merle White
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