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When I can't have a gun.. thinking about taking martial arts..

Well, I'm in the ROT (Republic of Taiwan) and as is such, I can't have a gun

I went to visit a studio a few times, I am thinking about taking San Shou, also called "San Da" a chinese system of mixed fighting developed by the military, basically Muay Thai punches and kicks with kung fu throw short throws and judo tosses; a mix of whatever works.

I probably will take it, they want at least a 1 year commitment, as they don't want people who will showup only for the first month..

I began to think; if I was in the states right now where I can have a CCW, would I still take this? I think the answer would be yes, because I cannot be assured I'll always have a gun on me, but my hands and feet, they are hard to leave at home or in the safe..

Is my thinking consistent with the rest of TFL's?

BTW, I'm assuming I'm not the only one that watches MMA and UFC and NHB.. right? If you don't know what those acronyms mean, you probably don't watch it..
"An unarmed society is one that's ripe for tyranny and oppression."
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