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My tactic is trifold

- Like Lynn Thompsom said: range negates skill. The close you get the more likely you will get cut. If you trained enough you'll be able to fight from farther. Also carry a big knife, a 6inch blade is the BARE minimum. A bigger blade will giver you more range when slashing and deeper penetration when stabbing.

- Train like you're gonna fight and fight like you train. Practice slashing and stabbing at carboard boxes. Also train on getting youre knife out fast enough. Although you get never get you're knife out too fast, fast enough means faster then the otherguy.

- Try to intimidate the other guy. Fear is the last thing you need in a knife fight. Best way to scare the other guy is to impress him with youre skill. Carry a butterfly knife and swing it open with a latch drop, that will scare most wannebe thugs away. More knifefights have been won without a drop of blood being shed then by some guy ending up as a bloody mess in the gutter.
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