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Well mom says it my fault. See I have a nephew that just turned 7 a few weeks ago. Mom needed a box to send some stuff back home with them and I produce an empty Ammo cardboard box that a case of 45 ACP came in. Little feller been watching some old cowboy movies and likes the six shooter's. So I sent some gun mags along and show him the six shooter's. So guess who takes his mom into a store to buy him a toy six shooter, belt and holster(with B-day $ from a certain uncle)--with a picture of what he wants from a gun magazine

I'm told the saleslady darn near had an attack, Sis got embarrassed, and the nephew really really wanted one like the picture. I'm the uncle they warn you about , he he.

Little feller gets upset he can't take to school, always wearin' around the house, and his mom has to do a body search before going to church...anywhere in public...

His stuff is in the ammo box, pics of six shooters on the wall, now he wants a lever action 'pop gun'...
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