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stab more than slash

I'm curious, what is the rationale behind that? RONIN308

krept hit the nail in the head.
The rationale is much the same as it applies to terminal ballistics in regard to firearms. Stabbing your opponent increases your potential to "quickly" incapacitate your opponent, which should be your goal in a defensive setting.

A cut to the body, face, arms, legs etc. While horrifying to see is much the same as a "flesh wound" in a gun fight. The particular muscles and perhaps tendons may be damaged but fast incapacitation probably will not follow if the opponent is determined.

There is a specific capacity for cutting or "scaling" which is predominantly a psychlogical attack. Where large cuts are made to the limbs or face, much like scaling a fish. The point in this scenario is to psychologically damage the opponent and take him out if the fight mentally.

However if he is determined incapacitation will only come through, vital organs being shutdown, to reach the organ requires stabbing, in most cases at least 4" blades preferrably longer. or massive loss of blood causes blood pressure to decrease causes a loss of conciousness. To acheive the blood loss effectively one must again reach arteries and blood vessels deeper in the human body.

While cutting the limbs and body may be an effective way to imobilize an aggressor's limbs or "mentally" take the fight out of him, don't count on it to stop his attacks immediately.

I personally was cut on the arm deeply and didn't even notice the cut until the agressor hand been cuffed. I had also been stabbed "to the hilt" with a 3 1/2" knife in the back of the shoulder, I thought at the time that I had been punched there.

I would try to make sure that your opponent is immediately, if possible, incapacitated with stabs to important orgasn and blood vessells.

Once again I am not an expert in knife fighting!

Run like a madman, if you can't run.
Stab like a madman!!

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