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quote:stab more than slash
-I'm curious, what is the rationale behind that?
A stab has a better chance of hitting a vital organ or artery, which will cause more rapid incapacitation. For example, instead of slashing at the gut, a stab might penetrate the abdominal wall and into the liver, etc.

Of course, it's hard to argue that some slashes directed at arteries (carotid, femoral, etc) in FMA wouldn't do the job too.

I have heard by those involved in combat that the best approach is to stab right for the face assault style, as human instinct is to shield the face in such an attack.
Sounds logical. Of course if you explain this and then try to do it in training, it might come out a little different. On the street, where both people are sweating and there is most likely going to be some weapon fixation? Yeah, might be a good strategy.
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