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It has been a while since I went to school there, so I don't know if the names and locations I am going to give you are accurate anymore.

In Lufkin there is a place called Bill's Gun Shop (or something along those lines). Go inside and ask to speak to bill. Ask him about gaining membership to the Lufkin Shooting Club (or whatever the hell it is called now). Rules are you must be an NRA member and the dues per year, at least when I was there, were $25 per year.

The range itself is a ways up highway 69 from Bill's off of Rifle Road. Bill will give you the combonation to the lock. You can't see any part of the range from the gate at the road. Go through the gate and lock it behind you (have your membership card with you).

The range itself is a pretty decent setup, especially for what it costs you. As you go down the dirt road the first thing you will come to is the highpower range. There are silhouettes out to 600 on this range. This range is closed ANYTIME there are shooters on the 100 yard or pistol ranges.

As you continue down the road you will come to the regular firing lines. On the right are the 100 yard rifle lines, to the left is a 25 yard standard/50 yard max range. 0-25 yards on the pistol range is asphalt, makes shagging your brass easy.

Last time I was out there for a IPSC shoot, they had torn down the 100 yard rimfire range (further left of the pistol range, not to be confused with the 100 yard rifle riange to the right) and built several more pits for running IPSC matches.
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