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Got lucky (I think) on 1st Shotgun (870)

[First, WOW this is a great site! I only lurked for a few hours before registering. Don't know how I missed TFL for five years!]

My 1st SG is a Rem. 870 that started out as a "Model 870 SP Deer Gun, 12 gauge Magnum, 20" Barrel with Cantilevered Scope Mt." Based on Ser.#, the good folks at Remington said it was made in '91. It has been customized as follows:

Barrel is 20", rifle sights (white dot front/white triangle rear) parkerized finish that matches receiver and magazine, improved cylinder and rifled choke tubes;

Mag extension added with mag ext./barrel clamp that includes swivel sling mount on bottom;

A 2nd rear sling eyelet added to heal of grip area on stock;

One inch black nylon sling with "Uncle Mike's" QR on rear.

The SG has BEAUTIFUL walnut furniture with deep checkering at grip and forend, Remington recoil pad, "Flexitab", metal trigger guard and stnd. safety.

It's "cherry" and was purchased from a local LARGE dealer, NIB, not a mark/wear on wood, metal, bore, crown, etc. This 870 had been customized for a State LE Agency, and this one was unfired.

Paid around $425.00. Did I do OK?
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