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Hi, Runt!

I was just talking about you to my lovely wife this morning (you know, about how cool you are and how all the guys here go ga-ga over you. I might, too, but my wife is armed...and has a PR-24...and handcuffs...). So I thought I'd say hi before I start talking...

(btw, I think Rich meant to write "I think I like your boss.")

At my last place of work (mag publishing), people would leave magazines in the break room. So I was always happy to leave my "pre-read" copies of gun magazines for the other employees. And even though I obscured the address, people *somehow* always knew who'd left them.

The week before I quit, I rec'd a big shipment of ammo from Cheaper Than Dirt. I made sure to talk to the mail room staff beforehand, in case they were worried about my imminent departure. "We planned to take the day off," they said.

Just yesterday, I accidentally left a copy of America's First Freedom in the restroom. (I say "accidentally" because my name and address were still on it. Well, there's nothing in the employee manual about weapons.) I hope someone enjoys it.

And Rich: I e-mailed a request for guidelines to what must have been the old S.W.A.T. e-mail address, as I never heard back. I'll try again from the new site.

(Why, yes--I am a published writer. Don't you read Asian Cult Cinema?)
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"Ihr seht bestimmt, dass hier Pistolen im Spiel sind. Also, Leute, verschwindet! Raus!" --Herr Parker, "The Way of the Gun"
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