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I think like your boss.
No, you DON'T think like my (other) boss! I hope... I mean, you have been following my old threads about him, right? Shoving an employee against a wall, walking right on up to a guy who said he was going to use a shotgun on him, and has 3 (now 4) nutty, uncontrollable children while being the publisher of a parenting magazine? Do you walk about with your zipper down and shoes untied?

(delivered to the workplace, of course!)
Well, considering I get Cheaper Than Dirt catalogs and everything else mailed to the office, one more won't matter.

(Received a rather heavy small package from UPS one day and the co-worker who read the label said, "What's in there? Staples?" On the box was clearly marked "small arms ordnance" or equivalent.)
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