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Went and bought a Saiga 20ga

Was at the gunshow and couldn't resist the price. Don't know a lot about these. I've shot some friends a little, but don't have any serious trigger time.

I've heard that the older 12 ga's can be difficult to load full mag's into when the action is closed. I've had the same experience, blew a stage at a local match because I botched some loads. Anyone know if the 20ga is the same way? Anyone do the mod where the safety get's a cut out to hold the action open?

Any other experiences would be great.

I bought the gun as a fun knock around gun. I don't compete with SG's much, but might start doing it more often.

I'll probably shoot a round of skeet or two, but only to get some experience with it. The little hunting I do will continue to be the responsibility of my 1187 or BPS.

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