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Thanks for the advice. What you said is always sound and is always good to see. As with any firearm I own, I shoot it pretty frequently. I know its wrong to assume so, but I assume frequent shooting to be a given. I shoot on average 10 hours a month. I shoot a new weapon as the primary range gun until I can consistently group, have solid knowledge of fixing failures, and have identified my problems. I am also already in contact with someone who I have taken classes with before to arrange a class. As is also part of my nature, I research exhaustively. I've been researching which shotgun for 2 months. So right now, mod questions are fact finding.

How different is shotgunning than rifle shooting with open sights? I understand the loading and action on a shotgun are different, but is it otherwise similar? Except for clay shooting, which I do have experience with as a youth, I would think that the stance and hold are going to be very similar to shooting a potent rifle. Am I wrong about this?
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