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Light recoiling shotguns

I have several semi-auto 12 guage shotguns. The lightest recoiling seems to be the Winchester SX-1 (an oldie but goodie, made in the late 70's to about 1984) It is heavier than my Beretta 390 or my Browning gold hunter, which may be why it seems to recoil less. One of the negatives about this gun is its weight for hunting. The Browning and Beretta weigh around 7 1/4 pounds versus the 8 1/2 for the Win. On the plus side for the "B" guns is that they are chambered for 3" shells and function very well with loads down to 7/8 oz. of shot. The Win is of course chambered for 2 3/4" shells only. I do not have a Beretta 391, but have shot one and it seems very much like the 390 except for a better shape pistol grip and slimmer foreend. Hope this helps.
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