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12 gauge models with minimum recoil ?

Hello all. I don't spend much time in this Shotgun forum but am posting tonight as I may soon be in the market for a semi-auto 12 gauge. I had a Remington 1100 many years ago right after the 3" mag. version became available. Due to reliability problems, I went back to an 870 that has served most of my purposes quite well for many years.

I am looking for input on what current manufacturer/model or models are most reliable and, most important, generally provide the least perceived recoil. Primary use will be as a "loaner gun" on a mixture of targets ranging from dove to pheasant to sporting clays.

I am looking to get a 12 gauge primarily to be able to put a little more lead downrange without busting up shoulders of my 14 year-old son and/or a female friend. They are both about 5"10" and approvimately 135 pounds. I already have some 20 gauge guns (none of which are semi-automatic) that they have learned to shoot well. Any feedback will be appreciated. Greybeard.
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