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Found a Jewel

Only on page 6 but picked out this little jewel from Denny Hansen's "Briefing Room" column.

When referring to the DC snipers and the attending media:

"While the talking heads, backed up by numerous experts, have espoused their theories on why an individual commits such atrocious acts, I ask myself if those reasons really matter. I personally don't give a damn if he was a bed-wetter, his daddy missed his Little League games, or if he found Jesus, Allah, or the Easter Bunny. The only thing of real importance is that they have been caught, and more innocent persons don't suffer at their hands.

Amen brother! All that matters is the bad guy gets caught and is afforded the chance to assume room temperature. Thanks for saying what we were all thinking Denny.

P.S. Yes Rich I am reading the rest of the magazine.
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