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Choate +2, 870 "Issues"


I finally bought myself a Choate +2 mag extension brand-new at a gunshow today for $39, for my 870 Express, with a cut down (to 18 1/8") old Remington 2 3/4" chambered, non ribbed barrel, with a bead installed. Here's what's up...

The Dimples...

Removing them was a piece of cake ( I thought that this would be that hard part!) I used a appropriate sized socket and a ball-peen hammer to flatten them out. So far, so good.

The Orange Plastic Follower...

It just doesn't fit well in the mag tube (the mag tube is clean & smooth) The diameter of the follower should be about .010" smaller. I guess I'll put it in the lathe & turn it down some.

The clamp...

The one that holds the barrel & mag tube togerther, and has a handy sling swivel. When I try to attach it, it pulls the mag tube upwards towards the barrel, making the mag tube actually bend, and not feed the shells correctly (One can feel them bind at the mag tube/extension junction) I simply didn't use the clamp (but I want to!)

The Spring...

Man, that thing is hella-tough to get in there. It's about 15" longer than the whole assembly (mag tube & ext.) Definitely wear safety glasses!

I will contact Choate about the clamp & follower, and see what they have to say. Anyone else have this much trouble? Comments? Advice?

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