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The guys nailed it pretty much, here's the cherry on top....

Any short bbled 870 will do fine for HD, including that Turkey wacker. A few extra choke tubes from cylinder to IM will make the weapon suitable for anything in North America, including goblin control.I suggest, Cylinder, Improved Ccylinder, Modified and Improved Modified. Or, Skeet, Light Modified, Improved Modified.

For HD, choke is meaningless.

The Xfull tube usually does well for turkey hunting, but only patterning will show for sure. Shotguns and shells are laws unto themselves, and only testing will show the best combinations.

Slugs are of limited utility for either turkey or HD.

Also, 3" shells ARE Magnums. For HD and practice, the 2 3/4" stuff works well.

Finally, I see little difference in handling between a 18" bbled 870 and a 21". I've both.

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