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ok, you SG and 870 fans, un-confuse me

And yes, that is a challenge if you have any concept of all that I don't know about shotguns. First, allow me to preface:

1. I fully intend to purchase a virtual plethora of ammo to shoot. I love shooting my handguns and rifles (even the ones that kick). I love increasing accuracy.

2. I did in fact search but can't find the answers I am looking for.

This is where I hope people can unconfuse me. I am in the next week or so most likely buying a shotgun. My cabinet has been aching for one. Unable to find any real bargains in rifles and handguns right now, I decided to add the necessary shotgun. The end use of this shotgun will be two fold; home defense and eventually turkey hunting. I have decided on an 870 Express (not the magnum, just the 2-3/4" / 3"). That much is a done deal. The ones I am considering are as follows:

870 Express Turkey - 21" barrel - Rem Choke
870 Express Synthetic - 18" barrel - Cylinder

Now this is where I get all confooooooooooosed. I believe that the Rem Choke decreases spread which thereby gets through those thick hides and interlocking bulletproof feather armor. I think that the Improved Cylinder works with rifled slugs and therefore makes it good for range use. I've also been reading that longer barrels make little difference except for sight radius.

Now, I think I would probably be best served with the Express Synthetic and purchasing a Full Choke and possibly an Improved Choke if it will go in, but I don't know that it will. Will it? Also, If I get the Express Turkey, can I take the choke out and load it with 00 buck shot for home defense? Do slugs work well in an open cylinder?
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