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Thanks for asking the question, it gives us a chance to make sure that the SWAT vision is clear. While name changes were discussed, I'm glad that Rich has not decided to make that move. SWAT has a long history and I'm proud to be a part of it. I explain the name this way (I forget who originally came up with this concept):

S pecial W eapons A nd T actics... for the responsibly armed citizen (in Uniform and Out).

The truth is that more and more over the past 20 years Special Weapons and Training have become more and more a thing of The People. 20 years ago how many places could the average citizen go to learn "tactics"? How many options were there for the average citizen when it came to reliable semi-auto pistols? When the magazine was first conceived "SWAT" may well have been a concept which applied only to LE, but that is clearly not the case today.

For myself, while the majority of my articles have dealt with LE training or gear issues, I hope it is clear that they are meant to inform the interested public as much as our LE readers. I know that Denny is always sure to caution me when I cover an issue like "Contain & Call" or "Explosive Entry" (Feb '03) that I address concerns and interests of those outside of LE, particulary those in our audience who might say, "There is no way local US LE can justify using Explosives!".

I am proud to be associated with a magazine that is willing to be a bridge between two cultures which often misunderstand each other, but have many of the same beliefs, attitudes and goals for our country.
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