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HEE-HEE! Can't help laughing as I remember last year... a new shotgun owner had asked some of the Sporting Clays shooters at a local range to take him round the course and give him some pointers. Three of them did so, and one of them brought along a video camera to film the shooter and let him see for himself any errors in his technique. I was in the clubhouse when they left, and saw the cameraman coming back ten minutes later, soaking wet and scowling like a thundercloud. Apparently the clay had burst as it left the trap, and the largest fragment had veered right, over the head of the cameraman... and the shooter, following the clay with his shotgun, had panned right onto him, with his finger on the trigger! The cameraman took a flying leap backward, forgetting that at Station 3, there's a nice little pond at the edge of the shooting bay...
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