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Rich Lucibella
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Yes you have. I think it was here:

If I recall, you asked for a full issue dedicated to "citizen gunowner/un-organized militia". I offered to put up the first $50K for that issue, taking back only the first $50K in revenue and leaving you with the remainder of the expenses and revenues [ie: the ENTIRE profit margin]

If I recall correctly, you passed. Fact is that every issue of S.W.A.T. is dedicated to "citizen gunowner/un-organized militia", to my thinking. Therefore, you passed up the opportunity to take about 11% of our yearly "profit" with zero risk!

Eight of the most poorly thought out words in the English language: "Why, if I owned that business, I'd"....[fill in blank; ].
Eight of the most embarrassing words of follow up: "Well, I meant with the other guy's money!"

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