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Welcome to TFL.

Along with photos of "regular citizens" (I’m in that category myself) you probably will see a lot of photos of LEO and military personnel in S.W.A.T. The reason for this is because most of our writers are actually involved in training—not sitting in a mahogany paneled gun-room dreaming up techniques they can name after themselves. In short, real "been there, done that" kind of guys. Take away the uniforms and titles and I believe you can put yourself in most of the articles published.

Case in point: A while back Pat Rogers wrote an article with tips for shooting the AR-15/M16. I thought some of the techniques would not work for me, but since Pat probably has more experience (including instructing Marine Force units) than any other current author on that weapons system I thought I would give the techniques a fair shake. Guess what? While I’m neither a Marine nor a peace officer, my shooting has improved by roughly 20% in unsupported field positions.

If you give S.W.A.T. a chance, I think you'll like what you see.
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