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Rich Lucibella, who owns TFL, purchased SWAT lock, stock, and barrel. I believe a change of names was discussed at some point, but I don't know if it's still in the offing. What I do know is that SWAT is not a magazine aimed only at SWAT team members. Denny Hansen's briefings are quite often musings on the rights and responsibilities of American citizens with and without badges. In addition, the new "Enemy at the Gates" column is purely focused on the fight for our rights. Clint Smith writes for SWAT, but as often as not, he's writing about historical firearms and the great stories of gunfighting (something he's good at, by the way, and not something most gun mags seem to want from him.)

Stay awhile and look around. I think you'll find you like TFL. You might notice that there are no banner ads or popups here; that's because Rich doesn't allow any advertising on the site. He pays the entire cost for this operation out of his pocket every month because he thinks TFL should exist as it does--beholden to no one. Heck, you can even badmouth SWAT here, and people do--though Rich and the membership here will likely reserve the right to respond.

In the meantime, I'm going to move this to the SWAT forum so it can get aired in the right place. Maybe Denny or Pat Rogers can explain these things better than I.
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