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Video Yourself Shooting?

Q: A buddy told me that videoing myself shooting can help me pick out the things I've doing wrong.

What's your take on this?

A: a qualified Yes is the answer.

I've taped myself and others shooting just to show form glitches, This can work for many, but some folks cannot stand to see themselves in pics.

Stage fright can be a bear under these circumstances.

Bad body image comes into play, and the message gets lost in the emotion. Others have trouble ID'ing the glitch, and focus on something else that's not a hinderance to them.

Good instructors often use tape to improve effectiveness. If I were doing so, I'd use a variety of positions(SAFE ones, of course) and let the shooter know I wasn't going to tell him/her anything until I viewed and analyzed his/her performance.

A few things that video works best on would include stopping the swing and headlifting. These are the most common form faults.

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