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Hi, sj:
There's two problems here, or rather at your place, and Mr. Smith and I aren't there to look things over. So I'm up here in Saskatchewan scratching my head and wondering if I'm barking up the wrong tree.

Ok, my old chart shows 9+1 throwing 24 grains and I see in my notes that I set at 6+14 for 19.0 grains of Hercules Green Dot, while the chart says 6+4. Alliant Green Dot is about 8% denser, so your 9+1 should throw about 25 grains. Which doesn't explain 35.2 grains.

Your shot is bridging somewhere if you're getting it in the powder or if pellets drop from the rammer tube when you crimp. Either it's bridging at the bottom of the tube on a burr or the washer flipped around under the bar and is hanging up some pellets, and likely powder too. Get it out of there. It goes smooth side down under the rubber washer on the powder side. It's easy to forget it when you're changing bars. Pull the bar and it drops out. Push the new bar in and it goes out the other side.

If your bar is hard to push, the pro check might be dragging. Thats the piece that the bolt goes though and into the charge bar. Stick a small screwdriver under the right end where it goes through the slot in the measure body before you tighten the bolt. That way you centre it in the slot.

When you unscrew the shot bottle, put your finger in the red cap plug. If you don't, it will come out, sooner or later, and you'll have a real shot spill. Ask me how I know. The cap plugs are actually hydraulic hose end protectors and anybody who works with hydraulics probably has a pailfull in the shop.

I'm still

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