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Jack and everone else:I just looked at tie reloader and there was no washer under the shot or powder under the rubber pieces. I found one the other day loose and I thought it went under the bar where the concave hole goes to the drop tube,thats where I put it. Maybe I should put it under the rubber for the powder? I checked the setting I wrote down for the powder and it was 9+2.No little hands around here ,they are all grown and gone.I just tried the 1 ounce mec bar and it takes 19 7 1/2 shot to ballance the scale. I tried a #29 powder bushing aiming for 17.5 clays and it stopped at 17.4 ten times in a row,so that looks good but Is the shot bar supposed to be that far off?I decided to go back to 1 0z and try that.I probably put that washer in the wrong place. sj I swear,loading my 45acp on my dillon 550 was a lot easied than this.
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